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How many times have you asked yourself that question? How many times have you asked your friends or family only to be met with blank stares or responses like: isn’t this enough?
You’re starting to wonder if you’re the only one who ever feels this way … the only one who doesn’t just want a seat at someone else’s table. You want to build a table of your own. There’s just one problem.
You’re not sure how to get started with taking the creative business you’ve started from side hustle to full time gig. You’re not sure if you can even do it, and everyone around you isn’t helping.


You're not crazy. 

You’re not irresponsible or ungrateful.

And you can do this.


I'm a nationally recognized authority on women’s leadership and award-winning entrepreneur. As CEO of KidsCare Home Health and host of the podcast Women in Business: Inspirational Stories of Women Entrepreneurs, I've been featured on FOX News, iHeart Radio, Huffington Post, Forbes, and numerous other publications.
I have spoken internationally for organizations, Fortune 500 companies, associations, and entrepreneurs. It is my joy to connect, inspire, empower, and encourage my audiences to lead with confidence and integrity.
As a leading authority on women’s leadership and mother of three, It is my life's mission working to decrease the gender gap by inspiring women to confidently advance their careers.

That's why I'm helping you build the business of your dreams!

And now, I want to take all my business knowledge and pour it into you to help you grow your own service-based business so you can create a positive impact on others and limitless possibility for yourself.



How would your life change if you could build the creative business that fulfills you every day while also creating limitless potential for income and impact?

You don’t have to choose between making a living and building a life you’re proud of.


+ replacing your salary and becoming your own boss.

+ waking up every morning energized and excited about your work.

+ feeling fulfilled, knowing that your business has a positive impact on the people you serve.

+ and having time and freedom to experience all the things you've been wanting to.




Starting your own successful business will change the entire trajectory of your life.

Ready to unlock the roadmap to success so you can build the business of your dreams in months instead of years?


Your step-by-step guide to turning your amazing ideas into a profitable business reality fast, so you can have the life and impact you deserve without making costly mistakes along the way. Together, we'll take the 5 major steps to help you start your business the right way and grow it with ease.


Discover the hidden challenges that keep most women from starting a business and how to avoid these pitfalls to create your own path to limitless success


Create the core elements of your business so you can operate legally and set yourself apart from the competition


Find your vision, mission, and network of pros to help you intentionally accelerate your business growth


Uncover the secret to pricing your services to sell and getting clients quickly so you can finally leave your 9-5 without fear


Learn how to build your team, care for your clients, and protect your business so you avoid burnout and create freedom in your life


Contracts, proposals, and invoices, oh my…So many things to create- but we’ve got you covered!


5 Core Modules to break down each step of starting a business into easy, bite-sized lessons so you can take the right action at the right time without getting stuck (VALUE: $5,000)


Exclusive Facebook Community to ask all the questions, receive feedback from other new entrepreneurs, and be encouraged along the way so you never feel alone again (VALUE: $997)
5 Live Q&A Calls with Cortney get personalized support and coaching as you move through the course so you can overcome any obstacle and leave frustration behind (VALUE: $5,000)


You can start today for the EARLYBIRD PRICE OF just one payment of $597 or three payments of $225.


"If you're ready to start, grow, and scale your business, you have to work with Dr. Cortney! In 3 months I went from not having a business name to making what I was making as my salary. Working with her has changed my life!"

Ashley Monk
It Media

Questions our top students ask before enrolling in From Side Hustle to CEO

Each module is divided into 3-5 video lessons with worksheets, templates, and action guides along the way. Every week will vary, but I suggest you take 2-3 hours per week to work through the material and take the steps outlined in the lessons. But the good news is that every step will bring you closer to making money in your business. So in a matter of weeks, you should see results.

It’s hard to shake that fear, isn’t it? I’ve got good news: you may be unique, but under every successful business are the same foundations. This course is designed to help you create that foundation for yourself, no matter what service you choose to sell. These principles have worked for millions of businesses. Yours is no different if you do the work.

This course is designed specifically for service-based businesses. If you’re creating a digital product or online program, I suggest you start with services to test your method and process and get paid in the process. If getting paid to create is your style, this course will help you refine your process, book clients, and set yourself up for successful product sales in the future.

Here’s the thing: a checklist tells you what to do. But just following steps without knowing what’s inside of them can leave you frustrated. In this course, I give you my proven strategies, worksheets, templates, and examples to help you build your revenue-generating business quickly. In short, you’ll be guided step-by-step through the process so you don’t get stuck or lose money along the way.

When you register for From Side Hustle to CEO, you’ll receive access to module one and our exclusive Facebook community. Modules will then be released each week to help you focus on one step at a time, so you take action and not get overwhelmed. 

Here’s what you’re getting when you enroll today …


5 Core Modules -- $5,000 Value

Exclusive Facebook Community -- $997 Value

5 Live Q&A Calls -- $5,000 Value


Total Value: $10,997


But when you enroll today you get access to everything for just 1 Payment of $597 or 3 payments of $225 while the earlybird price lasts.

"Finding Dr. Cortney was a gift from above. She's helped me negotiate a multi-six-figure deal and we're preparing my business for the next major milestone - hiring! I wouldn't trust anyone else to help me, as she has helped my business and completely changed my life."

Mia Francis-Poulin
R + A Creative Co.



You’re ready to build a successful business and go From Side Hustle to CEO if …

You’re just starting your business and you don’t want to waste valuable time and money figuring out how to put all the pieces together.
You’ve started a business but it’s not gaining traction and you’re ready to move past the roadblocks that keep you from making it profitable.
You know you have more to offer the world than your current job allows, and you’re tired of merely working to make other people look good - you’re ready to launch out on your own.
You’re ready to serve others using your gifts and passions and get paid to do it.
In fact, you may already be volunteering, having people pick your brain, or you’ve been doing extra projects at work to try to use those passions and gifts.
You’re tired of everyone around telling you it won’t work and you desire a community of other ambitious young women who are in it with you.
You believe it’s possible to make a living and a life that you’re proud of.
You can’t wait to leave your job and become your own boss.
You’re ready to take massive action to make it happen.


If you found yourself nodding your head, then it’s time you joined us inside From Side Hustle to CEO.


"In the six months I've worked with Cortney, my business revenue more than doubled! It was the BEST decision I've ever made for my business!"

Kara Weaver
Weddings by Weaver

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